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Our Clients


Cabot Oils

Tank Filling Control Panel

Design, supply, manufacture & commissioning of a dedicated P.L.C / SCADA controlled batching tank control panel.

Regulatory Test And Inspection Services

Direct Rail Services

Security System Upgrade

CCTV system upgrade.


Depot Mains Supply Upgrade

Supply & installation of new mains supplies.


Depot Lighting

Installation of additional external flood lighting and supplies.

North England

SSE Energy Solutions


Supply, manufacture and comissioning of a P.L.C / HMI controlled HVAC plant control panel servicing a dedicated practice gun range within a nuclear licensed site.

Iggesund Paperboard

Biomass Power-station

Labour & equipment associated with the supply of construction site temporary power & lighting and completion of fixed price packages for supply of small power, lighting, CCTV and commissioning activities required by the Power-station.


Engineering Support

Provisioning of labour during planned outages to carry out scheduled E,C&I maintenance routines on board and finishing machines. Embedded support during unplanned breakdowns and holiday periods.


Disaster Recovery

Mobilisation and remediation during three separate shutdowns due to fire.


Decomission & Remediation

De-energise & strip out of decommissioned BM1 electrical cable & equipment.

PPS (Nuclear)

Engineering Support

Multiple contracts for the supply Suitably Qualified Experienced Personnel (SQEP) to work in active and non active areas embedded in clients work teams on projects such as EVAP D and B111 training facility.

Carillion (Nuclear)

Island Sites Security Upgrades

Multi E,C&I package contracts for the provision of labour and materials in the upgrade and enhancement of the Sellafield Site 1 Security cordon. Comprising of new lighting, CCTV, power and data.

Search Facility Enabling Work

Provision of labour and equipment to install the electrical services in a new build plant room servicing the Sellafield security fence.


Nuvia (Nuclear)

First Generation Magnox Storage Pond (FGMSP)

Supply of labour and materials associated with the electrical refurbishment of the FGMSP facility. Worth over £3m GBP lasting over a two year period.


IOSH Training

Provisions of IOSH accredited Working Safely and Managing Safely training courses to Nuvia personnel.

One FM (Nuclear)

Statutory Testing

Engaged to carry out statutory Fixed Wire Testing and minor works rectifications within all NDA facilities encompassed under the OneFM facilities maintenance framework, a contract now in its sixth year.


Fire Alarm Enhancements

Modifications to an existing fire alarm system to improve its audio and visual output.


Ventilation System

Installation and cabling of 3 phase distribution boards feeding 12 off new air conditioning units.

EON Robin Rigg Windfarm

Offshore Power Supplies

Provision of small power outlets


Offshore Electrical Repairs

Sub-station & turbine remedial repairs and installation of electrical containment.


Dockside works

Installation of dockside small power and lighting.

Innovia Films

OPP2 Direct Hire

Provision of suitably qualified electrical maintenance personnel embedded in to clients workforce to carry out planned and unplanned maintenance routines.


Periodic Electrical Testing

Fixed Wire Testing, inspection and minor works rectifications.

Innovia Security

Guardian®,Direct Hire

Supply of embedded SC cleared maintenance personnel to work on the plant producing plastic bank notes for UK other countries

Direct Rail Services (DRS)

Office Refurbishment

Engaged to carry out extensive electrical remodelling and modifications of the DRS Regents Court Office complex at Kingmoor Park Carlisle.


Track Side Services

Installation of trackside electrical infrastructure at the DRS Kingmoor Depot Platform, as part of the implementation of the new Carlisle to Sellafield route.


Train Wash System

Installation of electrical supplies required by a fully automated train wash system.


Flood Recovery

Provision of electrical and control technicians to assist in the remediation activities required to reinstate the plant after the floods of 2015.


Oven Control Upgrade

Fixed price contract for the cabling and PLC programming required to support the upgrade of a 6 zone biscuit oven.


Cooling Conveyer Control

Manufacture and installation of modular food standard control panels housing PLC and SCADA Equipment responsible for the control of a product cooling conveying system.

Wales & South England


CHP Plant

Provision of suite of panels housing a 200 I/O PLC control system used in the control and data acquisition for a eight set generator station installed at a water treatment works in Pontyclun.


Lightfoot Hall (Chelsea)

Provision of labour and equipment associated with the conversion of a 10 storey office building into student accommodation.



Labour and equipment in support of the electrical Installation of a purpose built Radiation Detection Monitoring System manufactured by Canberra systems.


Nuclear Workshop, Lab & Store

Provision of labour and equipment in support of the installation of electrical power & lighting services associated with ongoing decommissioning activities within the Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station.

M62 Corridor


Supply of electrical technicians in support of the Liverpool One regeneration.



Provision of labour, equipment and testing services to Nuvia Ltd in support of First Generation Magnox Storage Pond project (FGMSP).